Scarlet’s Cord

Here I make very humble attempts to truthfully and whole-heartedly explore, learn, and capture every moment of beauty life has to offer me.  I am a designer, a teacher, and an advocate…but, I am first a woman who desires to fully live while discovering her own restoration along the way.

I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas (Hook’em Horns!) but Atlanta, Georgia has been my home most all of my life.  I live in the community of Southwest Atlanta among eclectic stories, friendly neighbors, and the realities of a world in need of a Savior.  I love somewhat odd things like brown paper packages and sorting small items into pairs.  I also adore anything that looks like my grandmother would have worn it and teaching children to appreciate and create good stories.  Mary Poppins was my first muse and every character since goes through quite a number of visual analytics that I can’t even control.

Sometimes I make things to sell:  MY ETSY SHOP

Often, I get to tell stories with these guys:  WHITESTONE MOTION PICTURES and TRIPLE HORSE STUDIOS