Create Happy


Change something?  OK.

It’s a funny thing trying to create happiness for yourself.  Sometimes it’s a simple thing that happens when you choose to walk around the neighborhood on a surprisingly beautiful day or when you have a dance party alone in your bathroom with your hairbrush microphone.  Other times it’s seemingly impossible because even chocolate covered cherries don’t seem to have the same magical effect on you they once did.  (I seriously love chocolate covered cherries.)

Honestly, I’m far from UNhappy, but I’m also in a strange place of feeling myself slowly straying away from the desires of my heart and closer to the things that so easily distract me…aka EVERYTHING else!

In my last blog I shared a quote by Waldo Emerson and my desire to conquer fear by grabbing the big bully by the beard and revealing his complete lack of power over me.  Well, it’s time to share the victorious plan.  It may seem simple to you but it’s going to bring pure happiness to me!

There are 3 things I’m going to do:

1)  CONTINUE doing something I think I’m pretty good at.

I’ve been putting outfits together since at least 1984.  That’s when Punky Brewster came into my life at the age of 6.  Surely I had dressed my Barbies far before then and drawn pictures of princesses in beautiful gowns, but all of those were things I was copying or putting in the appropriate places according to a picture on a box.  Punky changed everything!  She broke all the rules!  She wore every color of the rainbow at one time and didn’t bother matching her sneakers.  Her colors and quirks matched her personality and told a visual story of who she might be.  That’s what I love about styling and costume design.  Every chance I get to do either of those is a chance I get to tell someone’s story.  I’m certainly not a master of visual storytelling through styling and design (yet) but I’m pretty darn good.  So, I’m going to keep at it and you are going to be able to see it all compile and refine here.  I’m excited to share it all with you.

2)  Get BETTER at something I’m not great at.

This week I picked up an application for sewing classes here in my new neighborhood of Sylvan Hills in Atlanta, GA.  I’m SO excited!  I’ve taught myself a LOT of basics about sewing over the last few years but even so I’ve decided to take classes starting from the very beginning.  I want to make sure I’m actually doing things right and most efficiently!  I’m a little fearful that I will end up being the girl crying over her sewing machine in the corner but I’m willing to take the risk!  I’m embracing it actually.

3)  LEARN to do something I’m awful at.

This one might be the hardest of them all because I’m already VERY aware of the fact that I have tried this one before and 9 out of 10 times failed miserably.  I’m going to learn how to cook.  You think that’s petty or overdramatic, don’t you?  Well, just ask my roommate who waited for a dinner that still wasn’t ready at 10pm a couple of weeks ago!  I remember a patient voice calling out from the living room, “do you want some help?” as I stood in the middle of the kitchen crying because I had been cooking for 3 1/2 hours and it didn’t even taste that good.   I was trying to make chicken enchiladas and it wasn’t like I was rollin’ out my own masa balls or anything!  I mean it’s some chicken wrapped up in a store-bought corn tortilla for goodness sakes and I was ruining them.  My plan isn’t as clear for this step as the first two, but I have a TON of friends who are fabulous cooks and if you’re one of them you can expect I will be calling on your help soon enough!

So there you have it, my action plan for looking fears of failing and incompetence right in the eyes, yanking the beards away, and hoping that growth, victory, and happiness are there to welcome me at the end.

Here we go.