Grabbing the Beard!

I waste a lot of time fearing things.  Therefore, I fight paralysis too often.

I fear the typical things like rejection, loss, heights, and killer bees.  I also fear things like misunderstanding, clowns, feet, and rather large backpacks (there’s a story there).  I would argue all of those to be pretty typical fears (except maybe the backpacks) and so I’ve never been ashamed to have them.

But just because fear is normal and even innate, I don’t have to let something that literally robs me of life have control.  It’s time to get aggressive!

“When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the  timid adventurers.”     –Ralph Waldo Emerson

(Nice beard Mr. Emerson!)

So, I’ve decided to start grabbing beards!  What does a hard yank on a harry chin really mean for me?  Well, 16 months ago it meant biting the bullet and letting my friend Miriam teach me how to ride a bike (as a full fledged adult).  Don’t tell her I’ve only ridin’ twice since then!  The last time I fell off, scraped my knee like a 5 year old , and then jumped up squealing because I had proof that I tried!  Evidently, that’s all I was searching for at the time…proof of trying.

Fear can sometimes make me want to hide in my emotional corner and give in to the lie that I will be stuck there for life.  But the truth is – fear has no real power over me that I don’t hand over to it.  So, my next beard-grabbing step is to go after more than just the proof of trying something…I want to conquer something…something that will not only keep me from being stuck but will move me forward.  Even if I stink at it, I’ll have more than a scraped knee, I’ll have a skill that will either help me live more fully or have something marked off the list as “done” and move on!  Either way, if I end up in the corner it won’t be because I’m a timid adventurer who never grabbed the beard!

Check back in on Friday and I’ll tell you which beard I’m grabbing ahold of to see what’s hiding underneath!

New Year’s Eve 2010

(Learning to ride a bike in my fuzzy hot pink slippers!)