Being single at 35 means… I cry … a LOT! I drink red wine …  a LOT! Every time I get taken advantage of by a mechanic I blame my non-existent husband for… Continue reading

Puppies and “Intimates”

I work for a nonprofit and therefore I have learned the value of “presenting yourself.”  My job is to build relationships with people.  By sharing the story of who I represent, I cultivate… Continue reading

A Dad for Dana

My name is Dana. I’ve never had a dad. Seriously. Obviously, I didn’t pop out of a cabbage and I wasn’t delivered by a stork.  Like everyone else, I am the result of… Continue reading

Her name was Francis

Her name was Francis, but we called her Fran.  Later, I found out that others even called her “Frannie.” Fran was wise and strong, stubborn and grateful.  She was aware of her blessings… Continue reading

The First Days of School

Last Saturday was my first sewing class. I could hardly sleep the night before because I was so excited and nervous.  I laid in bed wondering what my teacher would be like, if… Continue reading

Investing in My Skills

Well I’m doin’ it!  I paid my money this afternoon for my first official sewing class and I couldn’t be more excited!  While I’m so proud of all that I’ve learned through youtube,… Continue reading

Create Happy

Change something?  OK. It’s a funny thing trying to create happiness for yourself.  Sometimes it’s a simple thing that happens when you choose to walk around the neighborhood on a surprisingly beautiful day… Continue reading

Grabbing the Beard!

I waste a lot of time fearing things.  Therefore, I fight paralysis too often. I fear the typical things like rejection, loss, heights, and killer bees.  I also fear things like misunderstanding, clowns,… Continue reading

WORLD RACE: 3/30/11

MY COMPLETE JOY IN THAILAND So, I failed BLOGGING 101 class!  I can only apologize and move on!  So last month we were in Phuket, Thailand.  It looked much different from our month in Cambodia.  We lived… Continue reading

WORLD RACE: 2/2/11

Hope has a Face. I can’t tell you her name.  So, I will choose a name for her.  In Cambodia, like so many other cultures, names are significant and mean something. Most of the women… Continue reading